Nurse Aide Instructor

The Nurse Aide Instructor provides instruction in the Nurse Aid Program to ensure that all students achieve competency in the program objectives.
The Instructor will teach all of the lecture and laboratory practice training, and will deliver of the clinical training in the student supervised clinical work experience located in the long term care setting.
Submitting lesson plans at least a week ahead of time to the Managing Director.
Instructing classes using teaching techniques appropriate to adult learners.
Testing students regularly, returning graded student tests within 2-3 class sessions. Student tests must be retained within the school until three weeks into a new program. Final grades and grade sheets must be turned into the Managing Director, Lead Instructor or Evening Coordinator by the Tuesday of the week following the module.
Checking student attendance and reporting any absences of more than one (1) class sessions to the Managing Director or Evening School Coordinator immediately. Attendance sheets must be turned into the Managing Director at the end of each module.
Utilizing recognized classroom management techniques and, when necessary, reporting any inappropriate behavior or attitude problems to the Managing Director or Evening School Coordinator.
Beginning and ending each class period on time.
Restricting food and drink consumption to break areas in the school.
Distributing course syllabi and textbooks on the first day of class.
Attending all regularly scheduled monthly, quarterly and in-service meetings, as well as biannual graduation ceremonies.
Demonstrating professional growth by membership in a professional organization, attendance at seminars, workshops or meetings, continuing education, or outside work in the field of my expertise.
Working with the Managing Director on a plan of action when three-week instructor's evaluations fall below 85% and/or for any class in which competency test pass rates fall below 80%.
Giving the Managing Director adequate notice when classroom supplies are needed. If a lab instructor, communicating the need for equipment repair/maintenance in a timely manner.
Instructor will obtain certification as a CPR/BLS Instructor from an approved provider within 120 days.
Instructors must document current licensure as a Registered Nurse (RN) and must possess a minimum of two years of nursing experience with at least one year in Long-term care facility.

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